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NEW Slickforce Softlight (2nd Gen) Octagonal Umbrella Softbox Light

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NEW Slickforce Softlight (2nd Gen) Octagonal Umbrella Softbox Light

The New Slickforce Softlight™ is a fully-functional miniature octagonal softbox that can be used to help artists pre-visualize their shoots or photograph collectible miniatures and action figures. It's also a cool conversation piece on any desk—the perfect gift for an aspiring or professional photographer.  

The 2nd Generation Slickforce Softlight™ is 5 times brighter than the original version, and is now powered by a USB plug, so you can leave it on round-the-clock without worrying about battery life. The light kit comes complete with a silver umbrella, octagonal translucent diffuser, two extender poles, and a new solid metal base, which prevents toppling.

The Slickforce Softlight™ works in the same manner as a real softbox, shaping light with its umbrella and translucent diffuser design and highly reflective silver interior surface. Octagonal softboxes are popular in fashion, beauty and portrait photography, because of the beautiful, soft light that it creates. 

Need multiple lights for a dynamic setup? Check out our 2- & 4-Packs.

For Ages 8 and Up.

Key Product Features:
 • Powerful 5 Watt LED "true white" bulb (lasts 10,000+ hours!)
 • 5 times brighter lighting than the original
 • New USB Power for all-day lighting

 • Octagonal silver umbrella
 • Octagonal translucent diffuser
 • Highly reflective metallic interior (magnifies light output)
Product Specifications:
 • Octagonal softbox – 4 in.
 • Softbox power cord – 12.25 in
 • Light stand-base – 2.25 in
 • 2 extender poles – 3 cm each
 • USB Power

Shipping Notes:
Your order will ship within 3 days. It may take an additional 5-7 business days for your order to be delivered in the US.
International Priority shipping may take up to 18 business days to be delivered (without Customs delays). International 1st Class shipping may take up to 30 business days to be delivered (without Customs delays).


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